Is Having Sex Everyday Bad When Trying To Conceive

Is Having Sex Everyday Bad When Trying To Conceive


Many couples like to shy away from the topic of sex when it comes to fertility, and I ask. ‘’ How is that possible?’’

The only natural way to get pregnant is to have SEX, and have it FREQUENTLY.

Even the unicellular animals like amoeba, that are known to reproduce asexually, sometimes find a mate and still meet sexually so that there can be an exchange of genetic materials , so that they produce a better and superior organism.

Now let me tell you of an experience I got at the clinic.

Imagine this, a couple have been trying to get pregnant for some years without any success, but do you know that since they got married they only have sex maybe about two weeks in a year.

You will say how is that possible, I will tell you.

The wife lives in Lagos Nigeria, while the husband lives in the United States Of America.

He only comes home once in a year when he is on a one month leave from his work in the USA, so only during this leave and brief period do they have time to have sex.

Now they have to plan the leave so well , so that it can fall on her ovulation period, which of course does not work every time.

So their search for a child have remained elusive, because of inadequate SEX.

Let me make it clear to you, apart from trying to get pregnant through artificial reproductive technology [ART] there is no short cut for getting pregnant except by frequent sexual activity.

In fact for couples seeking pregnancy, nothing less than three times a week of sex will do.

Come on, sex is good, just add flavor to it, you will not be bored.

Make it interesting, and you will not be able to stop. Say those little sweet nothing to each other always. Touch each other in different sensitive areas as frequently and lovingly as you can. Eat each other out.

Have sex in various positions and in various locations in the house, it makes it very interesting.

Hey ladies, one tip you must know, whether you are born again or not, holiness or no holiness. When ever you are privately in the house with your husband , without anyone nor any child in the house, always dress provocatively,very explosive and look sexy, you will be surprised what will happen to your sex life.

Every man wants a sexy wife, not some dull looking over worked, over righteous old woman.


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