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Increasing Fertility Through Natural Herbs

Increasing Fertility Through Natural Herbs

Are you a non believer in natural herbal products? Many people have found themselves puzzled by these products. Do they work? Why in the world would they work? The fact is that through thousands of years many of these health remedies have been used. Why would they be used and carried down all of those years if in fact they didn’t work? This could be the time for you to begin looking at how herbs can improve your fertility. In many cases, they have been shown to actually lead to real success in improving your chances even when doctors and medications can not do so.

When you are considering herbal products, it is very important for you to do several things. First, consider the source. Second, consider the quality of the ingredients that you will be using. Third, insure that the herbs you consume are healthy for your specific health conditions and never consume more than is recommended. The herbal treatment is aimed at doing several things. The most common are improving your body’s ability to regulate your hormones and secondly to improve your ability to ovulate.

One of the most common choices for increasing fertility through herbs is with the help of Agnus Castus. It is also called Vitex or sometimes Chaste tree berry. In any case, this herb has the ability to restore a hormone balance in your body. As you know, this can help to increase the fertility that you have. It has been very successful when it comes to those that have luteal phase defect or for those that suffer from high prolactin levels.

What will it do for you? Those that have studies this particular herb have found that is has helped to control heavy bleeding, regulate periods, helped to restore a period that has not fully cycled, and balances progesterone and oestrogen.

If an herbal supplement seems to be a good choice for you, first talk to your doctor about it. While many will not have the advice on which to take as they are not educated in that manner, many will be able to tell you what not to take if you are going through IVF or other treatments. There is no doubt that many have found success with a number of herbal treatments.


Does Alcohol Diminish Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant?

Does Alcohol Diminish Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant?

What will just one beer do? How bad can it really be to have a glass of great wine after dinner? There are many people that find themselves wondering if they have to give up all of the foods that they love if they are to become pregnant. While it is important to limit your quantity of alcohol during the months that you are trying to conceive and it can be something you should think about for your lifetime for overall health, it doesn’t have to be something you do forever. In fact, after having your baby, you can go back to any lifestyle choice that you may be interested in. In other words, give it up at least for right now.

Why is alcohol so bad for you? There are a number of reasons for it to cause a problem. First off, it is necessary to do this because alcohol that is consumed will reduce your chances of getting pregnant by a full 50%! That is a huge number and is one of the reasons why many people just don’t conceive. If you can, cutting out all alcohol is the best thing for you to do during this time of your life.

If you just can’t do that, you may want to consider limiting the amount that you drink to at least five units less than what you are currently consuming in any given week. This is equal to about five glasses of wine. If you do this, you are twice as likely to become pregnant. It was proven in one study in which twice as many women got pregnant after limiting themselves in this manner over the course of six months.

Why is alcohol so bad? The fact is that alcohol will decrease the sperm count in the male. It also increases the number of abnormal sperm in the body. It also limits the mobile sperm. Still, there are more reasons. For example, when alcohol is consumed, your body is less likely to be able to consume much less of nutrients it needs to get pregnant including zinc. This mineral is the very most important mineral that the man can consume to be fertile.

The bottom line is that you need to give your body at least three to four full months of consuming less alcohol in order to conceive. During this time, the least amount of alcohol (preferably none) is recommended.


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