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Increasing Fertility Through Supplements

Increasing Fertility Through Supplements

When it comes to becoming pregnant, it is almost essential for you to ensure that you give your body the right nutrients that it needs. Even if you monitor every type of food product that you put into your body you still may not be able to get the nutrients that you need to improve the fertility in your body. Still, there are many ways for you to improve this.

As your doctor is likely to tell you, there are many nutrients that your body needs to have to maintain health and to improve your overall ability to conceive. Unless these elements are in the body, your body can’t do its job successfully. In fact, their most important job is to balance your hormones.

What do you need? Here are some of the choices to get into your diet.

• Folic acid: Folic acid and other B complex family vitamins are extremely important for getting pregnant. Make sure that you have a supply of this not only during your pre conception period but throughout the time you are conceiving. It is necessary for keeping DNA codes in tact and for keeping your baby nice and healthy.

• Zinc: Zinc is a leader in the must have department. Both men and women need it to improve their body’s ability to increase fertility and also to prevent miscarriages. It is important because if it is not available, the problem can be due to chromosome changes in the body

• Selenium: This is an antioxidant that your body needs and will help you to keep birth defects and miscarriages from happening.

• Vitamin E: This too is an antioxidant that will lead to improved fertility when both the male and female consume enough. If you are having IVF done, men may be required to consume this vitamin as it has been shown to increase success a full ten percent or more.

• Vitamin C: Another antioxidant, this is an important vitamin for improving the quality of your sperm.

Other important vitamins and nutrients include L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Vitamin A, and others. If you are unsure of what you should be consuming, consider what your doctor recommends. You should take a multivitamin to provide many of these nutrients and talk to your doctor about how much more is necessary to keep you healthy.


When Is The Best Time To Do HSG Test

When Is The Best Time To Do HSG Test


Alright, many of you will say that even though ultrasound is natural, HSG cannot be because of the use of ionizing radiation to produce images.
This is a Special X-Ray examination. This will tell if your fallopian tubes are open by injecting dye through the cervix. Blocked tubes and lesions or polyps on the uterine cavity can be found with this method.
I would have totally agreed with you in that area, until I realise that most of us have been living with ionising radiation everyday of our life, even without getting near an X-Ray machine.


Imagine the sun rays , it has electromagnetic radiation that are known to be harmful , but that does not stop us from staying under the ray everyday, from going to work, or even the market daily. In fact many people sunbath themselves at the beach as much as they like without fear that it could lead to skin cancer.
However , in the case of HSG, the radiation in use is so small and insignificant. The lady hardly ever undergo more than two HSG procedures in a year.
So it is natural and safe. Until recently HSG has been thought to be a very painful examination, but now, with the use of rubber HSG catheters, it has been almost painless with just a slight passing discomfort.

The beauty of HSG and SonoHSG [Sono-Hysterosalpingography] is that during the procedure , a dye is injected into the womb and fallopian tubes. The speed with which this dyes run through the tube, cause it to flush it.
In recent times the fallopian tubes have been discovered that, it can be partially blocked by mucous, which either closes the passage way or make it difficult for sperm cells to swim through and fertilise the egg.


During HSG procedures these ‘’MUCOUS PLUG’’ is flushed out and the sperm cells can now have free access to the egg. So pregnancy can now occur.
Many times, it has been shown that some ladies do become pregnant in one to three months after an HSG or Sono-HSG procedure without the use of any fertility drugs what so ever.
How natural can you get.

Increasing Fertility The Natural Way

http://bit.ly/UgyVdI For many women, becoming pregnant is just very easy. But for a large number of others, it can be distressingly difficult…